Cartus Cerneala HP CH561EE / HP 301 Black Original

85.00 lei

Cartus Cerneala HP CH561EE / HP 301 Original

Cod produs: CH561EE Categorie:
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Produs: Cartus cerneala

Categorie: Original

Tehnologie: InkJet

Producator: HP

Culoare: Negru

Capacitate: 190 pagini

HP Deskjet 1000 (HP 301)|HP Deskjet 1010|HP Deskjet 1012|HP Deskjet 1014|HP Deskjet 1050|HP Deskjet 1050 S|HP Deskjet 1050 SE|HP Deskjet 1050A|HP Deskjet 1051|HP Deskjet 1055|HP Deskjet 1056|HP Deskjet 1510|HP Deskjet 1510 AL IN ONE|HP Deskjet 1512|HP Deskjet 1512 AL IN ONE|HP Deskjet 1514|HP Deskjet 1514 AL IN ONE|HP Deskjet 2000|HP Deskjet 2050|HP Deskjet 2050 S|HP Deskjet 2050A|HP Deskjet 2050SE|HP Deskjet 2054A|HP Deskjet 2510|HP Deskjet 2512|HP Deskjet 2514|HP Deskjet 2540|HP Deskjet 2542|HP Deskjet 2543|HP Deskjet 2544|HP Deskjet 2548|HP Deskjet 2549|HP Deskjet 3000|HP Deskjet 3000 J310A|HP Deskjet 3050|HP Deskjet 3050A|HP Deskjet 3050SE|HP Deskjet 3050VE|HP Deskjet 3052A|HP Deskjet 3054A|HP Deskjet 3055A|HP Deskjet 3057A|HP Deskjet 3059A|HP ENVY 4500|HP ENVY 4502|HP ENVY 4503|HP ENVY 4504|HP ENVY 4505|HP ENVY 4507|HP ENVY 4508|HP ENVY 5530|HP ENVY 5532|HP ENVY 5534|HP ENVY 5536|HP Officejet 2620|HP Officejet 2622|HP Officejet 2624|HP Officejet 4630|HP Officejet 4632|HP Officejet 4634|HP Officejet 4636|HP Officejet 4639

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